As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’d love to grow up to be a full time housewife. I adore imagining my lifestyle as a stay at home wife, caring for the home, cooking delicious meals, having clean laundry ironed and hung in the closest, having sparkling clean bathrooms and perfectly vacuumed carpets. Some women may find this lifestyle boring, or outdated, but I’d thoroughly enjoy it.

However, I know better, and went to college specifically because I know that realistically, in most situations these days, a household can not survive on one income. I’m well aware that I might never get to live that lifestyle, but I’m okay with that as long as I’m happy with my job and life.

On Monday, I walked in to work at 9:00am to find my boss sitting at my desk. He informed me that “Friday was my last day” and that I’d get my final paycheck at the end of the week.

I didn’t panic, because I know I can find something else, but I was disappointed. Not only in myself, for losing a job, but also in my boss. We’d made agreements multiple times that we would be open and up front about any problems we had in the office, and that he wouldn’t let me go out of left field so long as I agreed to not up and quit on him without warning. We both knew we had some issues in the office, we had very different working styles, but he definitely never gave me fair warning. He fell through on his end of the deal.

I’m better off. The job wasn’t well suited for me, I wasn’t appreciated by my boss and he never took the time to understand the issues or problems I was having with the position. He wasn’t a good motivator or supporter.

By Monday at 9:30am I was back at my apartment, cleaning and tidying and living out my housewife dreams. I knew it wouldn’t last, I knew I couldn’t even really take the time to do it this week because my free time needed to be spent finding another job, but for two days I cooked, cleaned and took care of my better half. I enjoyed it. Our big snow day came, and I took that opportunity to relax and enjoy. I went out on a Wednesday night and didn’t feel the pressure of having to be at the office early the next morning. It was time well spent.

Today, three days after the lost job, I was offered a position at another office. I don’t know for sure if it’ll pan out, or if it does whether I’ll like it or hate it, but it was the reminder that I will be back to work again soon, and my housewife gig will be gone. I’ll survive.

If I get this new job, I’ll get out much earlier in the day, and have more time at home. This new position would give me a little bit of both worlds. I think I could handle that, I could like it very much.

Wish me luck. I’ll find out next week if I am good to go at the new office, and until then you can find me tending to my home and holding every penny close.