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Anyone else feel like they’re having a honest quarter-life crisis?

Around three weeks ago I had a really serious conversation with a dear, dear friend of mine, Tina. She’s my boyfriends mother and has become like a second mother to me. I was trying to describe to her what it was like for me in my life, and how strange I’ve felt over the course of the last six months or so.

I feel like my age, and my place in my life, have been tearing me in many directions. I feel like I’m too young to have this 9-5 lifestyle, and yet I feel too old to sleep past 9:30 on the weekends. I don’t think my clothes that make me pass for a teenager are cute anymore, and I find myself preferring my dress pants over my favorite jeans. I definitely don’t feel like a teenager anymore, but I don’t really feel like an adult yet either. I feel responsible, and grown, and independent, but I feel out of place doing grown up things. I want to start my career, but I miss having the freedom of being a college student.

Being just short of 23 is awesome, I have freedom, I live with my wonderful boyfriend, I have my own money to do whatever I want. I finally have a great relationship with my parents. Life is good. But it sucks at the same time. I get ridiculously confused trying to figure out my health care bills when I see a doctor. I’m losing my insurance next week when I turn 23, and I can no longer eat as much candy as I want without feeling sick. I just feel so random and out of place sometimes, but only with my age.