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Once upon a time, almost a year ago actually, I told a boy I loved him.

[Actually I got scared once I finally decided to say it, and wiggled around it until he said it first, and then in the midst of crying and over-joyousness he claims I didn’t even say it back! But I did, I swear! That’s why I brought it up in the first place!]


Our schedules lined up so that summer, I could move away from Flint to live with him in Lansing, as long as I could find a job. I sent resumes all over Lansing for about a month, and then got hired at an office.

Six months later, two weeks before my health insurance ran out, I got let go from that office. Knowing that without insurance, and without a job that offered insurance, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go the doctors or dentist, I figured I should use my [all of a sudden] free time to get as much work done on my teeth as possible. I knew I needed a cleaning and my wisdom teeth out, and about a week before I was let go, the landlord at the office I worked for had recommended a local dentist. My first appointment at the dentist was three days after I lost my job.

The appointment was in the morning, and I was terribly ill. I had spent the entire night getting sick and did my best sleeping, tossing and turning, on the bathroom floor. I almost canceled the dentist appointment, but decided against it and made it through the appointment alive. As I was leaving and checking out at the front desk, they asked me if I had ever considered working at a dentist’s office, then told me what my responsibilities would be if I were to work there…and I was sitting there wondering if this could be true….? Could I honestly be getting a job offer?

They asked me if I was looking for work, and I said I was, and that I had just lost my job three days before. They said there were hiring based on personality, because everything that needs to be done can be taught easily, and since they can’t base personality off a resume or a job application… they figured they’d throw it out there to me because they really liked me as a person.

I’m thinking to myself “wait, what? I came in here sick and laid on a bed while you told me I don’t floss enough, and through that you could tell you liked me?! wow!”’

So I sent them my resume, and after four mini interviews, today I was officially offered the position. I accepted, of course.

I’m very excited, motivated to be awesome there, and looking forward to the 28th when I can step into my new job and start over again.  The hours are a little more extreme than what I’m used to, but I’ll get used to it, and the work is obviously different than anything I’ve done before, but I can handle that. I really like the environment there, and I feel like I’ll get along really well with everyone there, this is going to be a good experience, I can just feel it.

The moral of the story is to always stay positive. Having a good attitude towards life can sometimes be enough to get you through the next open door. I moved here for a boy I fell in love with, and have been given opportunities that I never thought I’d have. I got here by following my heart and keeping a smile on my face.