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I’m 23 years old.

I’m a dental hygienist’s assistant.

I’m in a very serious relationship with a man I love very much.

I’m really beginning to feel like my adult self, and I’m happy with where I am and where I’m headed.

It means a lot to me that I’ve learned to enjoy every single day. I’m better person for maintaining that skill.

I am at a point where I’ve lost many friends and desire that sense of true companionship with another girl. No one could ever replace my very best friend Andrea, but she is far away and I find myself wishing for a friend who has a female brain, someone I get along with that will listen to me talk and get me out of the house once in awhile.

I’m a bit of a couch potato.
My hair will never be good enough for me. I spend a ridiculous amount of time fussing with it, but I’m rarely thrilled with the results.

I’d pick a hot summer over any other type of weather, always.
I think Denver is the best city in the US but I still haven’t been there. Someday…

Ok that’s enough for now.