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I’m not worried about the fact that now that I have graduated with my bachelors I’m $70,000 in debt. I’m not worried about making the payments for the next thirty years or being broke for the first ten years or so of it, I’m not.

I’m just stressed about the fact that I have to. The education system in this country is so fucked up. Pardon my language, but seriously. A person in today’s society is NOTHING in the work environment without at least a bachelors, and yet they make it practically impossible to afford getting one. And then society expects all us graduates to go out and buy a HOUSE!? Especially in today’s society… HA HA HA. Between my boyfriend and I we’ll be almost $175,000 in debt at the time we’d get married if he’s the one I marry. Ha ha ha and society expects us to buy a house. Hilarious.