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About two, or maybe three weeks ago now, I took my last final for my last class. Four days ago was the graduation ceremony, that I skipped, and two days ago I received my final grades.

Now I’m all grown up.

I’ve never been a good student. I’d float through classes, determined to get the degree but not terribly worried about my GPA. That might have been different if the car accident hadn’t ruined my GPA, causing the rest of my entire college education to be a fight to bring it up, rather than just starting flat like other students… But it did and that’s that.

I didn’t walk at graduation. Also due to that accident, I graduated a year late, and about a semester or two after all my friends. I really, really didn’t want to sit in a big hot room for three hours listening to a long list of names just to walk across a stage for one quick moment. Not my style, so instead I planned a graduation party with my family for the same day as the ceremony. I figured I’d rather spend that time with friends and family rather than many strangers.

The party never happened. Don’t be surprised, that’s my parent’s for you. My boyfriend’s parents are working on a party for me thrown by them instead, which will go much better than any party my parents would’ve been willing to throw. It’s not that my parents don’t care,  it’s hard for them to get ready for any event, and the weather has been bad around here, so it just didn’t work out.

Anyway, I’ve graduated. I felt very numb about the entire situation for awhile, until I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was technically “alumni’ now. Then I freaked out a little with excitement.

My student loans total out to a very large amount of money, but I can handle that.

I was a terrible student, but I’ve always been a phenomenal worker. My dream is to grow up to be a perfect little housewife, but I know that is far away, if ever, and for now I enjoy spending my days working instead of sitting around the house. With a little trust, faith and structure, I’m the best employee an employer could ever ask for.

However, I miss opportunities for good jobs and find myself stuck with belittling bosses and temp-like work with not even enough trust to seal an envelope without it being checked first.

I’m frustrated with my life right now. I’m newly graduated, seeking a real job where I can be a great addition to a team, and due to the economy and other societal/location issues, I’m in the absolute worst job situation I have ever been in. I’d almost rather be back three years, going to school full time and working three part time jobs at the same time. THAT was better than this.

I wasn’t going to write about my job life here due to the simple fear factor of it being seen by my employer(s), but it’s my life, and its the truth, and if they asked I’d probably tell them how I felt anyway. I’m not trying to be rude or dramatic, it’s simply not the work environment that I work well in.

This originally was supposed to be a well written tid bit about graduation and employment, but turned into more of a personal situational current life story. That’s okay though, sometimes you gotta just throw it out there.