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The last three generations or so have dealt with very different versions of Women Leadership. Obviously, over time the roles have changed drastically, considering a hundred years ago women couldn’t vote, be the head of a corporation or be in office, and now, women can pretty much do whatever they want. I honestly can’t think of a title a women can’t have.

With that said, women had a lot to overcome and had to prove themselves for many years before we could achieve this equal standing. Now that we have it, I have a message for you ladies in the older generation…

Just because you had to prove yourself to make something of yourself, stop making us over-prove ourselves to you. You should know that we can handle it, because you can handle it, and we’re all women. I feel like women in the workforce today are treated just as bad as women in the past, but it’s so much worse because it’s these ‘powerful’ women who are mistreating us! I’ve seen it on many occasions, I’m sorry ladies, but there is a difference between being being a ‘leader’ and being a bully.

Women should be encouraging other women…and other men! If the employee in question is a good employee then they should be encouraged and cared for in the work place. Making employees feel inferior is just going to cause them to lose motivation to be a good, hard worker, which is a downward cycle. How would it make you feel if you knew that the way you treated someone caused them to go from a good, happy employee to a piece of crap worthless employee, just because of the things you said to him/her. Bullying in the workplace creates unhappy environments, and in an unhappy environment work does not get completed at the best level possible.

So just stop being a rude, inconsiderate, belittling boss; put a smile on, and appreciate yourself for making it to the top, and care for the people below you. You might be the one in charge, but we’re all just people and you aren’t any better than anyone who works for you.