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Society has come to a point where nothing else is worth living for other than money. You work your ass off to get the most amount of money you can get, so you can then spend it and have a bunch of fancy things…

But why?

Wouldn’t it make more sense, and we’d all live happier lives, if we didn’t have the desire to be rich and have things? If work was casual, or unnecessary, or by choice, everyone would be happier. Obviously, this is never going to happen, because we’ve already set our selves up for this lifestyle with generations and generations behind us, and some might say “way to point out the obvious, people would rather live permanent vacations!” but seriously, on another planet, in another lifetime, I could see how this would work!

Trading and Bartering sounds good too. Modern Day stores such as ReThreads are a great example of how the world SHOULD work. You sell them your clothes that you don’t like anymore, and you have the option of getting paid in clothes right from their store! (You can also take the cash too), and I know that consignment isn’t new, but everything about the ReThreads process is better.

On a more realistic note, this would be a lot easier if I just said that the world should be the way it is now, without all the profit. Sell things for what they’re worth, live life on an even balance with everyone else, or at least at more appropriate pay levels. Doctors and Teachers should get paid more than gas station attendants, but it should be a solid rate.

This is one of those topics I fight with myself over. I can’t form sentences that makes sense to everyone else when I’m on this topic. I know what I mean, but I can never make anyone else understand, I ramble. I could provide examples all day long, but I’m not sure it would make a difference, so I’ll end it here.

and if you’re lucky to have a ReThreads in your town, go there. 🙂 I think there is only three or so.