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I once had a beautiful locket, it was a gift from my boyfriend for our one year anniversary.

Four months after receiving my sweet little locket, the chain broke, and the locket fell to it’s lonely death.  It’s body was never found. I loved that little locket almost as much as I loved the man who gave it to me, because it was a gift from him, and inside, along with his picture, it held all my hopes and thoughts.

When I’d dream about an evening on the beach with Kyle, I’d wake up and tuck that dream into my locket, where I know it’d be safe for when the day came that Kyle and I really were on a beach, I’d know that then the locket could then be opened and I could set that dream free. It was a place keeper for memories before they’d happen.

When I’d cry and he’d wipe away my tears, I’d put them in there to remind me of the hardships we’ve gotten through and I’d know how much stronger I’ll be for the future hardships with him by my side.

That locket had two hearts on the front cover, (for a boo and a boo!), and the two hearts were engraved partially intertwined, to descriptively show our relationship and our togetherness, but also far enough apart to still be ourselves. We didn’t have to change for one another, we are perfect to each other just the way we are.

I’ll never find my little locket. But it’s out there somewhere, and it’s holding onto a part of me. But even though I’ve lost it, I still have the man who helped me fill it up, and for that I can never complain.