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I don’t diet. I mean, I guess sometimes if I put on unexpected pounds, I’ll avoid junk food for a week, but even that is rare.

My advice is pretty simple after I put some thought into it…
1. Drink as much water as possible every day. I personally SUCK at this, but I always feel better when I remember to have a glass or two.
2. Eat a LOT of fruits and veggies. I eat more veggies each day than I probably do of any other food group. They’re filling and healthy, AND tastey!!
3. I eat sugar and candy every day. I’m an addict, seriously. I freak out and go through massive withdrawals if I don’t have a candy bar and a pop each day. However, I do limit myself to ONE regular pop or sugary treat each day. I drink diet pop all day though. I’m hooked and I’m never giving it up!

So, that’s that. Not much, but good enough for me.