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I now have the ability to continue my writing while at work! My schedule may be hectic, and make it impossible to ever write anything of substance, but I have random time periods at work when I can do my own thing for an hour or so with just a few interruptions here and there, and now that I’ve discovered Evernote, I now can get things done at work and have them be available to me at home or even on my blackberry… making this blog much easier to tend to!

Unfortunately though, due to the nature of my work and my second shift schedule, my brain is pretty much fried all the time. I’ve come into this world where my brain literally shuts down each night and restarts once I’m back into my cubicle. My job is mentally exhausting. It’s terribly repetitive and has ruined my sleep schedule. I’m not complaining too much though, I actually quite enjoy it. I like the environment and my bosses and coworkers are nice people. The work doesn’t make me hate my life, like previous jobs, and I don’t think I’m that terrible at it. I don’t feel crazy successful yet, but I feel like I definitely have potential to do well here.

I am a tad worried though that the degree of my fried brain could ruin my ability to write, at least temporarily, but we’ll hope for the best I suppose. Wish me luck!