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Now that I’ve graduated from my university, I’ve found myself a little…. lost. I don’t want to go anywhere, I’m still enjoying the city I just recently moved to, I have a great relationship, and for the first time in my life I have a job I genuinely like.   But I found myself waking up everyday with nothing to really look forward to each day, other than my typical day to day lifestyle [spend half my time in my apartment I love with the person I love, and the rest of my time in my cubical at the job I enjoy, life is good] so I decided it was time to set some goals.

My first goal, which I made the same day I turned in my last final of my bachelors degree, was that I would read 20 novels by the end of 2011. I didn’t have text books to study anymore, and I have an entire wall of my apartment covered in books, and most of them have yet to be read, or at re-read, thus, my first post graduation goal was to read. I have read five books so far. I have fifteen left. I have plenty of time, and am looking forward to working towards my goal.

My second goal was to get fit and tone. I’m healthy, thin, comfortable with my body, but I’d like to maintain being healthy, and I know as I get older it just gets harder to healthy and fit, so I might as well get into it. I, very luckily, won a gym membership just a few short weeks after deciding it was time to get healthy. Today was my first day, and I’m genuinely looking forward to Friday, when I go there again. In addition to this goal, I added on to start drinking [more] water. Okay, water. I never drink water, except the ice that melts in my fountain mountain dew, and the water that gets pushed through my coffee grounds each morning. I practically avoid water. I can’t help it. It’s not for me. I started trying, and failing. I knew what I needed, and as silly as it is, as soon as I got it I began succeeding. I needed a 64 oz water jug, I needed to see how much I had drank each day, and how much I had left.

My third goal, is highly unrealistic, but I’m going to push towards it because it’ll get me closer to the end than if I weren’t pushing for it at all. My third goal is to pay off my five year car payment in one year. Hahahaaha. Right? Hilarious. However, this goal, which I know will be unsuccessful, has already gotten me a year ahead of time in my pay back schedule. I’m ten months into my car loan and only owe on it for three more years. I will keep this up, and I will pay my car off in half the time originally expected. Glorious.


Goals have given me something more to look forward to each day. I already have everything I could ask for, seriously I’m happier than I ever could have imagined, but each time I find myself a little closer to succeeding at a goal, every book I finished, every 64 oz of water gone each day, it’s like an extra piece of joy. It’s an extra frosting flower on my piece of life cake.