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Topic of the day…. if you will….?

I went to a random word generator and I got the word Fantasy.

The first thought in my head was my boyfriend’s thoughts on Fantasy Football: ‘The adult version of pokemon’. I must say, I know nothing about fantasy football, but I can’t help but agree with him. As far as I know you pick a bunch of football players, and depending on how they do in a real game…(?) they get points on their fantasy league. So those who picked that player that day get the points while those who didn’t… dont…?

I could be way off. This is just how I view it from my eyes that have never actually seen it.

My second thought was fantasy in the sense of role-playing, whether it’s those renaissance people running around at the fair, or naughtier roles in naughtier situations, role-playing to me is the definition of fantasy. Pretending to be something you aren’t, living a fake ‘play’ life for a few hours a day. It’s fun for a little while, but don’t get carried away…

and third, my final thought on fantasy would be the more realistic sense of living vicariously though other people’s stories. It could be your best friends stories of her entertaining daily routine, or dreaming about living the life of your favorite movie star, or the character she plays in your favorite movie. Dreaming about yourself in another life, or even as a different person with a different personality.

And this was me passing a slow part of the night at work… dreaming about my own fantasy… [not being here]!