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Unfortunately, I don’t mean the good kinds of shots.

Not the ever-so-different tasting shots, the sometimes delicious, sometimes disgusting, mischievous, naughtily titled, bad idea, blackout style shots. Nope, I mean the pointy needle, cause your eyes to slam shut, tears to squeeze out, oh-my-gosh-I’m-gonna-pass-out, never-any-fun shots.

In your mouth, next to your tooth, that’s already sensitive enough, shots.

Six, to be exact, I think. I lost count. Lets just go with ‘many’. I had ‘many’ shots in my mouth, in mostly the exact same place, over and over and over (and over and over and over).

I got part two of my root canal done yesterday, which started last week. Oh and hey guess what, this part was worse. On top of that, today was so bad I slept 16 hours and went into work four hours late with a throbbing headache (worse than any of those shots could’ve given me).

I’m getting the post and crown put on next week, but I’m absolutely terrified that the root canal didn’t go correctly. It still feels just like it did before I went to the dentist in the first place. Those roots were removed, and filled with someone else, he showed me the xray to prove it, why can I still feel every little touch? I clench my teeth together and I’d like I’m biting onto a rock, that has spikes digging into my jaw.

Oh, yes, I’m terrified.

Boyfriend said it’s probably just the nerves around that tooth that are irritated. I’m hoping he’s right. He’s usually right. I’ll give him this one right off the bat, yes dear, please be correct. I do not want to have to do all of this again. I already maxed out my dental insurance for this year on this the first time around… remember?!

Anywho, wish me a hundred thousand pounds of luck. I need every bit of it. For that matter, wish me a hundred thousand pounds of cash, too.