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I went on a mini-trip!

A friend of mine lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is four hours south of me. We decided a while back that for her birthday, or shortly after her birthday, I’d drive down to see her and spend some time in the city. She’d recently moved there to go to school and we were going to be touristy and explore the city.

Unfortuately, it rained the entire time, so there wasn’t as much exploring as we’d previously arranged, but we did spend half a day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and an entire night finding new bars and dance floors.

One of my little goals is visiting 25 places by the time I’m 30 (actually visiting and seeing the sites, not just driving through, like most of the cities I’ve been to), and I’m now at 15. Half way there! I actually just made this goal today, and then figured out the places I’ve already been, and double it. haha.

check it out:


What city should I go to next? Preferably with boyfriend.. 🙂 Any recommendations for a romantic destination getaway?