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Except, in my case, it’s diet mountain dew.


Today is day one.

For the last, well, 20 years I’ve averaged out to drinking pop every single day of my life. When I was a kid it was a can of regular mountain dew a day. In high school, 2-3 cans of regular mountain dew a day. In college a bottle or 2 a day. Post college 32-44 ounces of fountain diet mountian dew, a day.

I tried to kick the habit once about a year ago, the migraines were so bad I’d rather die then skip a day ever again. This time I have more faith because I’m still drinking my coffee at the start of my work day which should help with the caffeine withdrawal.

My habit consisted of either getting the DMD (Diet Mountain Dew) on the way to work, or while on my lunch break. It was one or the other, every day. Today, I [obviously] didn’t get it on the way to work. I had my coffee and my huge 64 ounce jug of water that I’ll sip all day. It was going fine, until RIGHT NOW. I’m on lunch, and my brain and tastebuds are getting excited for my DMD that I would usually be picking up on my way back to the office.

I’m not giving it up 100%. I’m still willing to have a pop while out at dinner or whatever. Here and there. I’m just forcefully stopping myself from buying my habitual 44 oz a day. I suppose my overall goal is dropping it down to one a week.

I’m hoping to notice minor changes in my waistline, my energy levels (not depending on it to wake up), my hydration levels and my bank account!