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But I’ve learned a huge lesson.

About 8 months ago I switched to diet pop to cut back on calories since I drank a lot of pop every day. I started gaining weight. I figured it was other things. About 6 weeks ago I started paying close attention to what I was eating, and cut back on sugars and excess sweets and paid attention to portion sizes and calories. the first 4 weeks I lost 6 pounds. Then I stopped drinking diet mountain dew last week and I’ve lost 4 pounds. In a week. and I’m noticably thinner. This took me back to my reading on aspartame and how fake sugar causes your body to go into a sugar shock or whatever and even though it’s not real sugar and doens’t have any calories, it still causes your body to hold on to fat and store it as if it were sugar. Like I said, I’m not a nutrionist or doctor or scientist or anything. I’m a girl who refuses to gain weight, all I’m saying is that I switched to diet and gained, and stopped drinking it and lost weight. That’s all. I know it could have just been some sort of strange timing, but I feel SO much better without it. I have more energy and water actually satisfies me now.

Maybe it had nothing to do with the pop, but I know I’m not going back anytime soon. That’s all.