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So, Sallie Mae is a peach.

Or, another five letter word that ends in ‘ch’.

I don’t mean roach.

My Direct Loans and my EPSI loan (or something like that), have been really kind and caring considering people don’t graduate and make $50,000 a year. They offered me the income contigent payment plan, lowering my payments to an acceptable amount each month. Sallie Mae however, is being less than plesant about it.

Now, I work in COLLECTIONS here people…

…I understand loans and how important it is to pay bills and what happens when you don’t, and I’ve heard the rumors that Sallie Mae will accept anything you give them, even if it’s not the full payment amount. However, I’d rather they just offer me an income based payment plan like everyone else. They, however, only allow me to defer payments or only pay the interest on my payments instead of the full amount with a portion going towards the priniciple…. which is NOT what I want to do!

Has anyone else dealt with Sallie Mae in lowering their monthly payment to something more than just the interest payment….? Any tips? Words of wisdom? I am determined to pay these loans off in a timely (25 years?) manner and do it the right way. I don’t want to have to defer them or push them off, I just want to pay them and go on with my life.

Seriously, any help would be great.