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… Everything is (so far) fine with my student loans payments. I went crazy with Sallie Mae and Direct Loans to get my payments to an acceptable amount and now I’m feeling much more safe and secure in my finances and my life for the next two years or so until I have to re-set up my payment arrangments. I’m sane again. Life is good.

I get so excited to pay my bills each time one arrives.  Each month I make 12 payments towards my life. They’re all automatically set up, one every couple of days, so that way each week of my life I spend about the same amount on bills, making budgeting easy. On my calendar I have the amount listed on each day money comes out of my account, so I’m always aware of how much is coming out and how much is in my account. It’s working out very well for me so far. This makes me happy.  Each payment I make is a tiny amount gone from the massive amounts I owe. Just like my daily countdowns to the end of the day, this countdown makes me happy with every new amount I see.

I woke up this morning and cleaned the majority of the house. I’ve been so bogged down by overtime lately that all I do is work and sleep. The house progressively got messier and it was mostly because of me just throwing things down and being too tired to bend down and pick them back up. Today was one of those days I woke up and felt brand new. I picked up everything I’d been throwing down and left for work feeling like a success.

Now that I’m at work, I’m sitting here and I can’t get all these happy thoughts out of my mind. My coffee made me smile. I made a laundry list that made me smile, which led me to thoughts of someday having my own washer and dryer again, which filled me with absolute joy. Oh, how I miss my laundry room.

It’s just one of those days where I have nothing to complain about.

Last night I got out of work and told Kyle I was going to pick up a surprise treat for us, and he texted back stating he already had picked one up.  How could I ever truly be unhappy with my life?