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As I’ve mentioned before, I work in collections. I don’t feel like I’m a great collector by any means, but I do what I can and really like the company I work for. I’m essentially ‘too nice’ to be a great collector. I don’t have the emotional and mental strength to demand payments. My bosses think I give up too easily, as soon as a borrower starts saying they can’t make the payment I back down. I’m constantly being told to demand harder.

When I give my all to a collections call, and don’t succeed at getting the payments, and don’t take the proper steps to get the deliquent borrower to another collector to attempt getting the payment again, I get sat down and disciplined. Just like any job, there are always supervisors and managers who are there to sit you down and try to improve your qualities as a worker. Mine sits in the cubical right next to mine, and many times a day I get called over and told to ‘demand harder’.  He knows that I’m trying my best but ‘demanding’ is just a few inches out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I had a call last night that ended in me not getting the payment and I was terribly upset about it because I knew that I’d have to come in today and right off the bat have to sit down and discuss why I couldn’t pull through and get the payment in. I whined about it all night. Then, to my surprise, I came in today with an email from the department head applauding my attempt with this very same call. The borrower had called in this morning, upset at the phone call with me because I wasn’t allowing her to pay when she wanted. 

In my department, when a customer complains about you, you get a gold star (figuratively speaking). My supervisor has told me many times I’m not a good collector until the borrowers start to complain about me, and I’ve received my first complaint. 

This goes against EVERYTHING I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m happy I did well, I guess, but I’m so sad that I had to get a complaint. I’m too customer service oriented. I’m not suited for this! This is so backwards to everything that is ME! I like making people happy and doing things for people. I don’t like that my job is only done well when I’ve upset someone. Sometimes I do make people happy at my job, I help a lot of people get caught up on payments and out of foreclosure, that part of my job I like, but this other part… the part where I have to yell at lazy people to get their life together and pay their bills on time, or else…. that part isn’t so great.