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…from a normal day shift job.

First and foremost, the number one thing… the thing I miss the MOST about working from 8-5 is being able to cook dinner. I regret not trying out more recipes, I regret every time we just grabbed a pizza on the way home, I regret not making enough for leftovers.  I’ve always known I was the housewife type, but it’s ridiculous how much I miss cooking dinner. I spend a good portion of time now just looking at and saving recipes and thinking to myself that maybe on a lazy Sunday I can try it out…. I can’t wait for the day I can go home from work and pull out dinner supplies and having something on the table at six. Oh how good it will be.

The second thing I miss is sunshine. Whether it’s summer time and the sun is setting at 9:30pm or it’s winter and its as dark as midnight by 6:00pm, either way I miss out on the majority of it. I can’t wait for the day that I get out at five and, after dinner of course, I can go outside and take a walk or read or throw a football around with Kyle or whatever. I just want to go outside darn-it, and enjoy sunshine!

The third thing is obvoious I suppose, but I miss just straight up having an evening. There have been MANY events Kyle wanted me to go to with him and I couldn’t because they’d start at 7, or 8, but I don’t get out of work until 9pm. I can’t wait to be able to go places with Kyle on weekdays!

I can’t wait for the day I can run errands after work, or go to the store, or anything. I suck at waking up early enough in the morning to have enough time to get ready for work AND run errands, so I have to squeeze errands into my lunch break or save them all for the weekend.

I love my job and I love working for the company I work for. I just hate second shift. It really is a huge inconvience and I know now to never complain about having to wake up at 7am for a normal day shift ever again. Seriously. I’ll get through my second shift days eventually, and I’ll maintain my everyday positive attitude. I’m just very excited for the future, for dinners, for long walks, for sunshine.

Other people say “You’re job is perfect! You can stay up late and sleep in! Later you’ll be wishing you hadn’t taken this for granted!” And, while this might be true from time to time, overall, I’d much rather prefer waking up early and having a bedtime… I’m all grown up, I guess.