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I have very few things on my bucket list.

Maybe I’m not that adventurous, or maybe I’m just overly simple. Some may say my dreams are too small, but I love what I have and I’ll gather my big events as they come.

Anyway, number 1 on my bucket list was to ride an elephant, and yesterday I did. A friend of my mine bought me tickets to the circus after she found out how much I adore elephants and how I, unlike other children, didn’t go to the circus and ride an elephant as a child. (I didn’t even know that was a popular thing!!) and I, Sara, rode an elephant at the circus, with a bunch of children, but totally awesome nonetheless. I’d never really been within close proximity to one before, to be honest I don’t even recall trips to the zoo as a child including elephants… I’m not even sure when my obsession with them began, college? High school? Before then? I don’t recall.

I know that when I turned 21 my mom gave me a stuffed elephant (that my boyfriend later named Rutherford, and we now call him Rufferford….) but I don’t know if she gave it to me because I already liked elephants or if she just thought it was cute. Maybe baby Rufferford is the reason behind my liking of elephants…? Who knows? I don’t. I feel like I’ve loved them forever, because my love is very strong, but I can’t quite be sure….my only memory before my current obsession is that all the way since elementary school I always knew I wanted to ride an elephant, I even wrote a paper about it, but… it wasn’t a legit obsession. The obsession is what I’m not sure of when it started.

Riding the elephant was the second item crossed off my bucket list, with the first being the Death Cab for Cutie concert I went to last year… (life changing, ahh).  I have my entire life to continue checking things off the list… and I’m excited to see what the next one will be.