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When I was really young, from about my 10th through my 16th years, I’d spend my summers, my winter and my spring breaks at my brother’s house in Redford. He, with his wife and later his two children, lived in community right on the edge of town bordering Detroit. It was close enough that I wasn’t allowed to play outside in the yard after dark, but in a good enough neighborhood that I was allowed to play by myself outside during the day.

A few roads down for their road was a road that, over the summer months, would frequently put up blockades and bring in those huge inflatable play areas, carnival rides (the smaller ones), clowns, magicians, and all sorts of other fun things. Every summer I’d ask my sister-in-law to take me there, but she’d always say no, that it wasn’t our block, and we weren’t invited. Even when I was fifteen and sixteen I still really wanted to go, I didn’t necessarily want to pay on their inflatables or eat their cotton candy anymore, but I just wanted to walk through and see the sights. Everyone was always yelling and running around and having an amazing time. I always wondered if they all put forth a few dollars, or if maybe there was one or two people who could afford to spend the majority on it and did it as a gift to their neighbors and children. I also wondered if we really weren’t invited or if my sister-in-law was just shy or something and knew that deep down, all the local families were invited. Or maybe, she just said that because she didn’t donate. I’ll never know.

If my neighborhood has a block party, I’d definitely donate. Such a great way to make the local kids happy, get to know your neighbors, maybe make a friend that’s just a few houses down the road, how convenient that would be..! I’ve always been that type though, to be interested in a good old fashion neighborhood gathering. I grew up on a little dead-end street and knew everyone on it. In the last seven years though, I’ve lived in six apartments and never knew any of my neighbors… I feel like it’s almost… rude  to introduce myself to them. Like I’d be interrupting their day. We’re just neighbors, we’re not actually apart of each others lives. We open the door for each other at times and just smile and move on… but, if we all worked together to have a block party, or even a massive garage sale or something, then who knows, we’d all be a little more fimilar with one another… again… oh how nice that would be..!

I guess my point is that communities, in my mind, should be working together, they should be friendly and there for one another, in some sense of… community! Wouldn’t the world run a little smoother?