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I find myself writing a lot and never posting anything. I’ve gotten pickier in my own posts I suppose. I have a whole sidebar full of either uncompleted drafts or completed drafts that aren’t good enough to post.

Good enough for who? I have no idea. It’s not like I have a following or get paid to post or anything along those lines. Good enough for me I guess.

Well written posts for me are comparable to a well cooked meal or a well put together outfit. I wouldn’t feel someone a meal I know was bad, and I wouldn’t leave the house looking like a wreck, so I don’t post anything that isn’t worth reading. I guess…? Sometimes I ramble on, like now, and declare it ‘worth reading’ and sometimes I write really profound thoughts and deem them ‘not good enough’. I guess there isn’t an exact scale.

In other news… general life update.

Read a book called “The World in Half” and it was amazing. I am already half way through another book and still thinking about Mirafloras and Panama and her parents. Amazing. I can’t wait for the author, Christina Henriquez, to write another book, hopefully soon.

My parents are getting older and sometimes it’s hard for me to deal with.

My boyfriend is still really, really cute ❤

After dealing with some medical issues for the last seven months they’ve finally figured out what wrong with me and I’m on the way to getting back to normal. 🙂

My student loans are OFFICIALLY on track! I have three seperate loans, three seperate due dates, all affordable. Yay for being graduated and grown up.  However, now I’m working on my doctor bills. If it’s not one thing it’s another right? Once the doctor bills are paid off I then have to put some work into my car. Yay. Eventually I’ll be able to start ‘saving’ like a real adult.

22 days until my twenty-fourth birthday.
103 more days til boyfriend and I go on our awesome little resort trip.
131 days til my one year anniversary at work.

I have a horrible head cold.

It’s tax season and my horrible ex-employer is refusing to send me my W2’s again, second year in a row. Doesn’t he understand it hurts him more than it hurts me when he breaks federal laws just to spite me?

That’s all. Have a lovely day.