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It’s strange, the people who come into your life and leave from your life and the people who make impacts and the people who don’t. If I had to guess, I’d say I probably see upwards to a hundred people a day and speak to about 15 (in person). These are people I walk past at the grocery store or while walking through my office building. People who’s faces I forget immediately after seeing them.

When a person moves to a new city they wonder how they’ll make friends. They see a hundred faces a day, but how to you take a forgetable face and make it a face you see on a regular basis? Since I graduated high school this has been my dillema.

In college, when I was seeing many more faces each day, and seeing the same faces on a regular basis, I used to wonder how I could make friends. I went to a commuter college so I didn’ tget the luxury of dorms and roommates and being forced into friendships. I lived alone, drove to class and drove home, only spoke to the people who sat around me in class, and very rarely became friends with any of them to a point where we’d say more than hi if we saw each other outside of the classroom.

I figured I’d have to join some sort of organization to make friends.

{Let me just state, that I had great friends back home, but I’d just moved to a new city to go to school and was trying to make friends in the area, and the specific friends I discuss in this post is one group, I had other friends I met in college, but we’ll talk about them in another post}.

I ended up joining a few small campus organizations but losing interest in them quickly, simply because the people involved weren’t the type I wanted to be friends with or the things the organization was doing didn’t seem important to me, but then I stumbled into one particular organization that changed the rest of my life, because there I ended up with three amazing friends, who led me on to more friends and experiences in my life.

A year and a half ago I moved to another new city after spending four years in the last one, and some how I got extremely lucky and found myself still in regular, almost day to day contact with three of those friends from the previous city, who know live and work in my new city, two of which employed at the same company as me.  The others I’m still close with, one of which is still back in my previous city and the other moved to a new city of his own. These five people are my base. 

Friendship wise, I can count eight people that I know I can count on through anything, and thats a lot of people.  Out of these eight people, three of them live in the same city, those three and one more I can see on a day to day basis, and the four others I’m in regular contact with even though they live between one to  four hours away.

Just another reminder to myself of all the good I have.