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It’s the last day of January folks!

My boyfriend and I disagree about the worst month of the year. I claim January all the way, he declares February.

But, February… February always turns out aweseome (except 2007- car accident/brain damage. Not an awesome February, but then again I owe that car accident for changing my life in a million positive ways… ). Anyway. February is always awesome.

1. It’s my birthmonth. I’m going to be 24. I’m getting old[er]. I’m taking one of my closest friends with me to visit another one of my closest friends in Indy (and am super sad that boyfriend can’t go with me, but if mine comes then they all have to come and her apartment can’t fit six people overnight, that would be insanity and far too busy busy). So the three of us girls are having a girls night for my birthday complete with giggling and pillow fights. Okay probably not but we’re going to get dolled up and go dancing and that’ll be fun ūüôā

2. This particular February is FIVE YEARS since the big bad crash that left me with brain damage – and with the type of damage I had if I manage to go five years with a seizure than yay! I’m good to go for life, no potential of later problems. 17 more days without a seizure and I’m a lucky duck.

3. Superbowl party’s are always fun. Whether I host them or someone else, it’s a time that boyfriend and I can get together with other friends and yell at a tv and get all amped up over a team we don’t care that much about since they aren’t the Lions… Snacks and beer and did I mention boyfriend intermingling with friends. love when that happens.

4. It’s a short month! (Which is also on the list of reasons my boyfriend hates February – things you pay for monthly you don’t get a discount on.. and so forth) BUT! It’s a quick month and puts you into March, and then shortly after March is SPRING! Which is one step closer to SUMMER! =)=)

Okay, so I’m excited. This month is going to be so good. This upcoming weekend I get to see a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and this weekend is the superbowl. Next week is part one of my birthday celebration. The weekend after is my bithday and the trip to Indy. The weekend after that my boyfriend is going out of town and I’m probably¬†heading to Port Huron for part three of my birthday and my mom’s birthday and seeing my best friend that I pretty much never get to see. This is the month of Sara!! And, anyone else pumped for the movie “The Vow”. I’m totally gonna chick flick out for that movie with my local girlfriends. Heck yes.

The only thing I want for my birthday is to go on a date with my boyfriend and have a safe and fun trip to Indy for a girls night. ‚̧