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I heard someone say this today:

“I just feel like pretty girls have the easiest life. No matter what they’re doing they’re happy, because they’re pretty. They can eat whatever and be skinny, they can do whatever and have friends to back them up, they can date anyone they want. Happiness and popularity is just given to them, just because they’re pretty.”

Um, what?

Okay. I’m not a ten by any means, but I’m not a one either. But in my eyes, none of that matters. This statement is wrong on so many levels. The only direct link I can see here is self confidence. A girl with self-confidence is going to have more friends and dates and fun because they aren’t moping around being sad and mean to themselves.

And for that matter, pretty girls can eat whatever they want and just be skinny? I doubt it. I’m not stick thin but I know that I gain and lose weight just like anyone else. I know there are a lot of other factors when it comes to the size of a girl, and some occasional girls really are lucky, but the majority of thin girls are thin and maintain being thin by working at it. For the most part they watch what they eat and they work out. I’m not the thinnest girl I know but I know that when I start to gain weight I have to work to keep it normal, and when I lose track I do gain weight. No one is perfect. These skinny pretty girls are not perfect. Newsflash – makeup goes a long way. A little bit, a tiny bit, can completely change a face from dull and drab. A little color, a little outlining,make major changes on a persons face. If you’re not happy with your face, embrace this. The best part, it washes away to reveal the real you underneath – and guess what’s there – a real, natural, pretty girl.

Every single girl can be be beautiful because every single girl is beautiful, just have the means and knowledge and confidence to do it! Flaunt what you have, change what you don’t like about yourself, and do it all for you. Real beauty is found in personality. Talk to a pretty brat and watch her beauty fall apart – it’s all fake. Real, genuine beauty really is within. So stop hating on other people and blaming yourself for your ‘faults’. Be yourself, embrace the good in life and keep moving on.