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It’s my favorite, short, brisk, birthday month, February. I’m BROKE. Seriously broke. Most broke I’ve been in a long, long time. Bills piled up and fell on crappy dates this month, as well as registration for my car. BAH! I have like, seventy bucks to get me through the next nine days. Hate when these random times pop up. However, it’s just nine days, and then I should be back on track with normal amounts of money in my life.  My medical bills are slowly but surely melting away. I’m still waiting on three more bills in the mail, but 2 of the former 3 bills I’ve already recieved are paid. Medical bills make me cranky because they force me to pay minimum payments on my car payment and other random things I try to pay extra on.

Nothing will make me happier than the day my car and all my medical bills are paid off. Seriously. I’ll have more money then I know what to do with when that day comes (which is why I let myself go broke now to make payments much larger than the regular, speed up the pay off process!!)

It’s my birth month and I’m celebrating my birthday multiple times this month. The first birthday celebration will be taking place this saturday with my boyfriends wonderful family, then the weekend after I’ll be celebrating with two of my closest girlfriends on a girls weekend out and then the weekend after that I’m going to try to make it out to my family’s place to celebrate with them (and for my mom’s birthday as well).

The superbowl was yesterday, and just like everything else this winter, it was shockingly mild and unentertaining. The game and the commercials alike weren’t nearly as exciting or interesting as they should have been, but it was nice to get together with friends and that’s what is most important to me anyway.

I got to spend part of the weekend with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a long time which was amazing. It was great to catch up and know that after a good chuck of time apart we are still close =) She’s doing fantastically well for herself in her career and life and I’m very happy for her and all her successes, and a little jealous too.

Today is my 8 month anniversary at my job.

I’m seriously thinking about painting my bathroom green. A pretty, light shade of green, that I’ve already picked out. Haven’t mentioned it to boyfriend yet. I hope I get around to it though. I like making changes.

I think that’s all for my random thought day. Until next time…