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In 2010 I wrote this when I started keeping a public blog – now, more than a year later I have to say it’s still very much the truth:

My inspiration for writing comes from many things. Growing up in little lakeside town left me with less imagination than I’d care to admit, so the things I found myself writing about as a child were usually very serious matters. In college I learned how to embellish and have fun with sentences which made my writing a little more carefree and enjoyable. I became obsessed with literary nonfiction and turning my very real life into comical and enjoyable stories for my professors.

This particular blog was inspired with the help of my boyfriend. It was a pretty typical day, he was finishing up class and I was sitting at my 9-5 watching the clock tick away. We were texting about life and I said

Life is like that, you do things you don’t like to get somewhere “better” just to do more things you don’t like to make it even better than before.

The conversation concluded with me saying that my happiness derives directly from having him in my life and that he is my personal “better” and that all our future “betters” we would be taking on together.


We study and study to pass classes. We pass classes so we can graduate. We graduate so we can get a job that pays. We work so we can afford nicer things. We are constantly striving for better. We’ll never be content.

What is important is that you’re happy as you work for your betters, and not working for your betters to find happiness because I assure you, you wont find happiness there. Betters can only improve happiness, it can not create it.

Literally, while writing this post, I got this in my fortune cookie.


My cell phone camera sucks, but it says

You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily

That’s a broken Chinese to English sentence that means you’ll work for many ‘betters’ before your content with your life.