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Friday was five years since the car accident, which means I’m medically considered ‘okay’ now. I went five years without a seizure and regained more than fifty percent of the memories I had lost (I’d have to guess around 65%). I’m happy with that.

Saturday was my 24th birthday.

I woke up and got ready to celebrate right off the bat. I showered and did my hair and makeup, I packed my bags for my trip to Indy, and I called my mom so she could sing to me. My boyfriend took me to lunch and then to dessert at the places of my choice, and we ate until we couldn’t eat any more! He gave me a bag of goodies for my mini road trip and a card with a handwritten coupon for one free outfit of my choice. Perfect gift.

At three in the afternoon I picked up my good friend and we hit the road for Indianapolis. We listened to old school jams on the drive and talked about every topic under the sun. We arrived in Indy four hours later and met up with another good friend who made us a big feast of a dinner. We ate, enjoyed some birthday cake and drinks, and then proceeded to get all dolled up to hit the town. We left the apartment around 11pm and went to Kilroys. It was packed but we managed to get a table, and we grabbed a waitress to get a quick picture of us.

Elizabeth, Myself, and Maegan.
We stayed there for quite some time, talking, laughing, drinking and enjoying ourselves, and then hit the town in search of a dance floor. We stopped in to a few bars for a few moments each but not really finding the perfect environment, so we grabbed a cab and headed to a part of town we knew a little better, and ended up at The Red Room in Broad Ripple. We danced the rest of the night and then went home to bed, warm and cozy.
We woke pretty early the next day due to headaches and a bright morning sun, we had brunch and then packed our bags and hit the road for home. We successfully made it both ways without any bad traffic, accidents or ticket. It was the only time in history a birthday has gown off without a hitch!
Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend, and my two good girlfriends for making it great.
After arriving home on Sunday I spent the entire evening with my boyfriend, cat napping, eating cake and checking things off my to-do list.
Now, back to the daily grind.