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There is nothing I want more than to travel. I want to go to faraway beaches with my friends and my boyfriend. I want to go to Central America and feel the change in the culture and the warmth of the equator. I want to go to Africa and go on a real safari jeep rides and take pictures of elephants and giraffes in their natural habitat.  (At Disney, that safari ride is easily my favorite part).

But, until my life changes, the best of traveling I can do is weekend trips to places close by…which, to be honest, I love to do.  I love planning out quick trips to a nearby city that I’ve never been to. I see it as starting here, and moving outward. As I grow older and make more money the distance from home gets larger and larger, but right now, I’m still sticking to nearby states.

One of my closest friends works in the same office I do (two of them do, actually, but this story only revolves around one of them) and she loves to travel, too.  She and her boyfriend are checking locations off thier list and making plans, and we’re frequently discussing ideas of places to go.  Last night she mentioned wanting to go to Chicago soon and started telling me the things they’d do while they were there, and she mentioned the zoo.

Oh, the zoo.

I love zoos. I don’t know why but something about them always sparks an interest in my mind, and that interest turns into a burrowing disease that spreads through my mind that I obsess over until I get my zoo fix. Last year, my boyfriend and I went to our small local zoo on my birthday, in February. It satisfied my zoo desire for a year, but after discussing the zoo last night, I developed a craving for a big zoo.

My boyfriend and I started discussing and I started researching and between the nearest big cities (Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Detroit) I narrowed it down to what I think is the best bet for us to go on a mini trip and spend a full day at the zoo…Cleveland. It’s by far the best zoo for our interests, and I’m super excited.  We think summer would be best, and I’m already day dreaming of walking by the red pandas in my sun dress and taking pictures of Kyle with the slothes.

I’m so lucky to have found a man who enjoys doing the same things I do.

This was a spiel about zoos. 🙂