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I’ve been writing in a blog for as long as I can remember. I think I started around age fifteen. When I was younger I just complained a lot and was childish and talked about my day. As I grew older I eventually made that blog private and kept it just for me, since for years it was just a dramatic mess of posts and it was nice to have a private outlet.

At that point though, I still really had the desire to write something that might possibly be worth reading. I still don’t know if anything I write is interesting by any means, but I enjoy writing it and I love when I get new followers and comments.

This blog has more followers than any other public blog I’ve attempted, and compared to other blogs – I don’t have many followers at all, but I’m thrilled at the ones I do have and hope that if nothing else, when they pass by my blog, I give them something worth reading, sometimes at least.

So, I want to say hello to you, my followers. I appreciate you so much!! I’ve seen a drastic increase in followers in the last couple of weeks, which definitely motivates me to continue writing my random thoughts and stories… and writing makes me happy, so in turn, my followers make me very happy!! 🙂