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I try my best to be the type of person who keeps my work life separate from my home life. I come home each night and not bring along any bad moods that may have developed while sitting in my cubical, or come home talking about things that happened at work, whether it’s good or bad. If I must, I’ll say a few words right when I get home, but then wont say much about it the rest of the night. Going home makes me so happy, honestly happy that I pretty much forget I’d even spent the last ten hours somewhere else. Kyle has that effect on me.

I found out recently that Kyle wants to travel as badly as I do, through a few passing words. It’s strange how he and I haven’t ever really discussing traveling. I mean, everyone wants to travel, but the two years we’ve been together we’ve been too busy and too broke to even really think about it, and it never came up in our long term plans. Yea, we want to see places, yea we’ve mentioned fantasy trips, but it has never been an entire topic of conversation. As I said before with my own personal goals, I plan on starting small and close, and moving outwards throughout my life as my income grows. Kyle and I are going to our Lake Michigan resort vacation in May, I’m hoping we can then do our short zoo trip shortly there after, maybe even June. Granted, these are still very small trips, but they’re something, and I’m excited for each one I start to plan in my mind. I hope that someday Kyle and I get to travel as much as we hope to.

I recently developed the condition called “clumsiness”, and it’s a severe case. I seriously don’t know whats been going on in my mind. A few weeks ago I feel down two flights of stairs right in a row. The next day I cut my finger open with a knife. A few days after that I smashed a wine glass against the shelf I was trying to set it on. Yesterday, I pushed a curling iron out of the way with my bare hand on the barrel, moments after using it and burnt two of my fingers to the point of blistering. These things have all been painful, but more frustrating than the pain is the fact that it all came from pure stupidity! I’m so annoyed with myself.

My obsession with Boston Terriers is becoming uncontrollable. A coworker that I talk to on a semi-regular basis has one, and she’s starting to show me pictures every few days, and it’s just tearing me to pieces! I adore these little dogs! Boyfriend thinks they’re ugly but I think they’re precious. I love their small, lean bodies and their little noses and their black and white coloring. (I prefer the black ones rather than the browns or ‘blue’). They’re perfect little Sara dogs!