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Eeeeeeeeeps! I can’t keep in my happiness!

Last night my darling boyfriend said that, after two years apart, I can have my cat back!

(Two years ago I had to send her to live with my parents when Kyle and I moved in together, and we’ve discussed many times having her come live with us now that we’re settled, but it’s never worked out. I’ve never stopped hoping though, and now the day has come!)

I got Asia when she was ten weeks old. I fell in love with her, at first sight. I had my hands on another cat, a little orange one, and was on my way to fill out the paperwork to take him home, but on my way towards the paperwork room, I passed a cage with a black cat who was stomping all over a tiny gray kitten. I put orange kitty down and scooped up the tiny gray one, and my heart melted.

She was sick, had problems with her lungs, and the humane society said she probably wasn’t work the $100 she costs, but I bought her anyway.

The day I got her

This is Asia and I the day I met her and took her home with me.

I took her home, took her to the vet, got medication for lungs, scheduled her to have her fixed once she was old enough, and we bonded. I saved her life, she was my favorite part of my day. 

I am so excited to get her back.

Please mom, no more kisses.

I know she’ll be scared in a new, strange home for a little while, but I’m sure once she warms up to the place, Kyle will learn to like her.

This seriously makes me so happy.

practicing our lookalike faces.