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Um reading Hunger Games mostly. I read the first book in two days, the second book in three day and  just started the third book. I would’ve read them faster if my job didn’t get in the way.

Besides that, I haven’t been able to write because the only thing that’s been going on for the last month was my planning a surprise party for my boyfriend’s 25th birthday. But the closer I got to it, the more stressed I became, and the more I feared writing ANYTHING because I figured I’d end up letting it slip one way or another.

So on Friday, after a month of planning, I pulled off an amazing surprise, with the help of a few friends 🙂 It was a great turn out, even with friends from out of state making their way into town to celebrate my boyfriends quarter century life.

At this party I also surprised him with Section 123, Row 1, Seats 1 & 2 tickets to the following days Red Wings game!! We were both so excited, the game was phenominal. We sat right next to the players bench, best seat in the house!

Handing Kyle the tickets right after the big Surprise!

Handing Kyle the tickets right after the big Surprise!

Literally sat right next to them.

So that was Friday and Saturday. Sunday, I made the trip to meet my parents half way to pick up Asia so she could come live with us. Sunday night, I couldn’t have been happier. Asia was thrilled to be at home with me and really liked our apartment. However, just two days later, I had to call my mom to come pick her up. After two years away from her I had forgotten just how demanding she was. She’s the type of animal that is, well, spoiled rotten. She doesn’t like to be left alone and needs constant attention otherwise she cries. Turns out she’d gotten quite accustomed to living with my parents, with my mom staying home all day to entertain her. I cried, A LOT, when I realized it wasn’t going to work out. But she really is better off there. Our apartment is too small for her to run around and we aren’t available to get her all the attention she wants. I’ll see her again on my trips home.

Seeing my mom two times in three days, each for a half an hour each (picking up and dropping off Asia) has made me terribly homesick.  I see my parents for a day or so every 2-3 months. Sometimes a little longer. I’ve gotten used to it and I talk to my parents regularly on the phone, but those quick meetings this week, ugh they killed me a little! I wanted so badly to curl up on the couch with my mom and talk all day, or take my dad all over town to the museums and art galleries and coffee shops. Sigh.

As for the near future: Tomorrow is Kyle’s actual 25th birthday 🙂 Saturday I’m seeing a good friend from my previous city and we’re getting dinner and seeing the Hunger Games (by then I’ll have the entire series finished.. woo!). Sunday, hopefully just spending a long lazy day with my love.

Thats all for now.