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I bought Kobo’s latest product, the Kobo Vox. It’s comparable to a Kindle Fire.  Its an Android Tablet E-Reader.

I never make large purchases, and for me to splurge on a $250 toy is a big deal, but after much thinking and many people telling me it would be worth it, I did it! On April 2nd I made the big purchase and have been patiently waiting ever since…

Okay, its only been 9 days, and that is technically onl 6 business days even. But my account still says “processing”. It’s very frustrating. I want it so bad! I emailed customer care last week and they said to be patient. I’m being patient, I promise, but I’m going a little insane waiting.

Even boyfriend is sick of hearing me whine!

In other news, I have a disgusting habit of chewing on my fingers. I started doing it in elementary school I think, it’s a terrible terrible habit. I seriously have tried everything to stop. I’ve been through numerous rubber bands and welted wrists. I’ve covered my fingers in lotions and vaseline and worn bandaids to stop myself from chewing and sometimes its worked, until the day I look down and see my fingers bleeding and have no memory of chewing them all up again.

But, I think this time I may have finally done it! It’s been one week. One whole week! The first three days I coated my fingers in Liquid Bandaid until the initial broken skin had healed over. I still have divits and scarring but I haven’t bit at it. Four days without anything on my skin to stop me from biting and yet I still haven’t found myself falling back. I’m still aware though of wanting to chew. That hasn’t gone away. I feel the skin on my fingers and I can feel that it’s there and bitable. But I haven’t once drawn my fingers up towards me teeth.

I know this is really gross but I’m really proud of myself. I really hope I’ve overcome this.

And in random other news –

  • Easter was good. Poor boyfriend had to work the entire weekend, but I went to my parents house on Saturday to see the family and then his family’s on Sunday to see his family.
  • My best friend is moving [ten hours] away and I’m proud of her and heartbroken at the same time, but I’m working on another post that explains that in more detail which will be posted at some point in the coming weeks.
  • I’ve decided to go back to school, slowly, one class at a time to better myself and my transcript. I know it’ll take three years or so, but I found a way I can work towards the sonography program and maybe have a new career someday. But, like I said, I’m going to do it very slowly in order to pay for for it out of pocket and keep my current full time job for a few years at least.
  • It’s playoff season! Go Red Wings! The Tigers are back in season again also, so plenty of Tigers Games coming up for Kyle and I to go on day trips! Yay! Detroit is about an hour and 40 minutes away but it’s always worth it!