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Step one: Decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. DECIDED.

Step two: Find the program. FOUND.

Step three: Apply to school. ACCEPTED.

Step four: Meet with Advisor. ADVISED.

Step five: Sent Transcipts from bachelors degree. TRANSFERRED.

Step six: Find classes that fit around your full time work schedule: FOUND.

Step seven: Register for classes. (not elligible to do that til tomorrow), but I already have the work sheet filled out, so lets just call that pre-REGISTERD.

Step eight: Get credit limit raised to pay for classes without student loans. Since I’m only taking one or two classes at a time, it won’t cost more than $500 a semester. Affordable for me to pay for up front, and pay off by next semeter. RAISED.

Step nine: Kick ass and get 4.0’s and be the best damn student, ever! [In progress. Classes start June 6th].

Step ten: Take placement tests to determine where I fall in math. ew. [I’m saving that for later so I can study my butt off].

Well, kids. I’ve decided to go back to school. I’ve been working hard to get everything worked out quickly so I can start this upcoming summer semester. I’m extremely excited. I’ve never been more proud of myself. I know how hard it will be to do this while keeping my current job and full time status, but I’m determined to do this, and pay for it all myself (while also paying my student loans off from my first degree.. heh).

Wish me luck kids. I’m feeling really good about this. For the first time I feel like I’m really doing something for myself. Doing something so I can succeed in my life. My bachelors was a mistake, forced upon me by social, societal and parental pressures, but I can’t regret it because it has been a part of the process that has delievered me to where I am today. The happiest I’ve ever been. I’m in a job that I don’t hate. I’m with a man I love. I’m following my dreams. Life is good.