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Andrea Jean is my sister. Not by blood, but by choice and experience.

I just wrote four different sentences to start off his paragraph but erased them all because there isn’t any way to begin to explain how deep our relationship is. She’s always the first person that comes to mind when I think of unconditional love.  She’s been my most significant confidant for the last 9.5 years, we’ve been on countless adventures, we have dozens of inside jokes; we’re the epitome of best friends. We have gotten through the best and worst times of our life together, even though those times have often fallen on opposite ends.

We lived two miles away from each other for four years, then we lived an hour away from each other for four years, and now we live 2 hours away from each other, and the growing distance between us hasn’t changed a thing in the last decade. She is now moving ten hours away… and even though I’m extremely sad that we won’t be able to see each other as often, I know that nothing between us will change.

Aaaand I’m crying.. Moving on..

There have been times in our relationship when we’d go long periods of time without speaking or knowing what was going on in each others lives. Sometimes we were just too busy, my first year of college for example, we hadn’t talked since we graduated, and then had busy summers, and then I went off to college… ect… and we barely spoke, except for a few MySpace messages, until Christmas. But, when she showed up at my apartment and spent a few days with me… it was like we’d never been apart. In the past, when we were younger and bitchier (haha) we used to fight from time to time… huge blowouts… but as soon as one of us needed the other one – it was like the fight never happened, and never needed to be discussed.

We haven’t fought in years though, not anymore. We have truly have learned every bit of one anothers’ mind and personality, and we just plain get it now. That’s the only way I know how to explain it. When one of us does something or says something, the other one of us gets it without confusion or having to ask ‘why?’. I know a lot of people in the world have these types of friendships, I’m thankful every single day for mine.

With her moving to Tennessee, there are a few things that will obviously change. I will no longer get to see her 6-8 times a year, I will now maybe see her once, maybe twice, maybe not at all in a whole year. I will do my best to make sure I see her, but sometimes money and time available doesn’t line up… but even in that case we’ll still be close. I will do my best to actually send her things. I have always said I’d send her little thing in the mail that I think she’d like or things that remind me of her, I never did it. I suck at doing that kind of stuff, but with her being SO far away now, I’ll make it a goal to actually start doing. She’ll need things for her new place from me! 😉 We’ll have to make some sort of agreement to make sure we don’t go too long without talking, since we’re overly comfortable with our friendship, that accidently happens from time to time. Maybe a weekly text or phone session. Or we have to send each other a picture every week. Andrea… I need ideas here.

I love her and I’m thrilled that she’s moving on with her life and she’s embracing the opportunity that life has granted her… I’ll see her in five days, we scheduled a sobfest… and life will move on, and now that I’ve written this and gotten it off my chest I can move on now too, kind of.

I’ll see you Saturday Andrea Jean.