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When I was growing up I didn’t see my dad often, he was in the military and then later worked for the government and just generally wasn’t around. It wasn’t until I got closer to graduating that he retired and starting working normal, in town, hourly jobs, and shortly after I moved away.

There were two pieces of advice he would always give me though, every time I saw him.

1. Marry rich.

2. Life sucks, then you die.

I used to think he was such a negative person for constantly saying these two things, like I couldn’t take care of myself without a rich husband, and that life is just a bunch of inconveniences until you die… such a horrible way to live life.

But, now that I’m older, and am one of the most positive people I’ve ever known, I find myself giving a lot of advice to friends that need it, or being the one my friends come to when they’re having a bad day. I find myself regularly saying things like “You have to just ignore all the things that life throws at you that makes you feel down, stomp all over them, do what you have to do to deal with them and make them go away, and then keep on moving forward”.

Today was one of those days where everyone I knew was having a bad day, and I was saying the same things to each of them. The first friend, her car broke down and I said ‘Cars suck, money sucks, life sucks. You just have to fight against it and do what what you want to do, no matter what tries to stop you.”

The second friend, found herself short on cash right before her vacation, due to a bank error. I told her that same thing. “Money sucks, people sucks, you have to try to make the best with what you have and move forward, hoping for the best and knowing deep down it’ll work out okay.”

Later, I realized what I was really saying is just “Life sucks, and then you die” with more words. Which then made me turn around and think about my dad, maybe he’s not as negative as I thought.  Life DOES suck. Everything that can get in the way of a perfect day, usually does.  Jobs don’t pay enough, Bills go up and up, people get sick, plans get changed. Life sucks. Nothing ever goes as planned.

Ignore it. Keep moving on, keep smiling, keep living. Take it as it comes and beat it down before it beats you down.

And Marry only for Love ❤