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Ahh, Vacation.

It was perfect. I’ve never had such amazing days all in a row. Nothing went horribly wrong. Nothing ruined our day. The weather was perfect. The lake was beautiful and the cabin was perfect. I seriously have zero complaints.

We drove out on Wednesday, it was a 2.5 hour drive. We arrived at the cabin shortly after check in, and I fell in love at  first sight. It was so cute, it was the perfect size for us, and had everything we needed. I loved having the screened in porch and the private deck with the jacuzzi. I loved the private beach. I love the boy who shared it all with me.

Thursday we went exploring and ended up at Notre Dame and visited a friend of ours. We saw his chemistry lab and walked around campus. We ate lunch at an Irish Pub and Grille. We drove home, napped for a while, and relaxed at the cabin and on the beach.

Friday we woke up, packed up and left for home, sadly. But, our vacation didn’t end there. On the way we stopped at Turkeyville for lunch, ice cream and a souvenir. After Turkeyville we went across the street to The Medalist Golf Club so Kyle could hit balls on the driving range and I could lay in the sun and read (by the way, in that hour or so, I got the worst sunburn I’ve had in years).

We headed home to East Lansing after that. We arrived just in time for Kyle to have to run to school for a meeting (during which he recieved awesome news that made us both happy). After the meeting we headed over to Hawk Hallow Golf Course to spend some more time in the sun. I laid out and got more burnt (on accident!) and he worked on his short game. Once we left Hawk Hallow, we decided to go down to Dick’s Sporting Goods and see if they had any good deals on anything… and they did! The Golf Clubs I’d been wanting for a few months, had dropped in price again, down to a mere hundred dollars. SOLD! We picked those up and went straight back to Hawk Hallow so I could hit balls on the range with my very own set of clubs!!! I was so happy, and I feel like I’m doing fantastically well with my golf swing too!

After that, we relaxed at home for a bit, and then headed to Flint to spend Saturday with Kyle’s family and celebrate mothers day.

Saturday I woke up, ran some errands, spent some time around his parents house with his family. Kyle and I ran out during the afternoon and hit balls again on the golf range in town, picked up some flowers for his sister and mom, the mothers in the family, and then went back to the house. Later, we had dinner, and then Kyle and I headed back home to our apartment.

Sunday, I relaxed and cleaned the house all day, watching movies and enjoying the sunshine on the balcony. Perfect relaxing last day of vacation. Kyle had to work all day, but afterwards we got dinner together, and then spent the rest of the evening at home.

And today, I’m back to the real world.