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Everyone I know is making big life changes right now… My friends who are 21, my friends who are 25, my friends in their 30’s. It must be something in the water…

Everyone seems to be taking the opportunity right now to follow thier dreams, including myself, and believe me, these are not easy decisions to make for anyone. I personally am stuggling with time constraints and deciding what takes priority. My job and currently lifestyle, or my goals and future plans?

[My job and current lifestyle – Working a stable job, with opportunity to climb the ladder, current income in the lower 20k’s a year. Happy with my employment but will never feel very successful].

[My goals and future plans – take classes while working current job towards the degree in medical sonography – where starting pay is closer to 60k a year and I honestly believe I’ll be happier working in a medical field where I can help people on a day to day basis, thus feeling more successful in my life].

Now, I know I am 100% capable of getting another degree, even while having to do it while working and paying for the classes out of my pocket, and I know it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be time consuming and expensive. But for the first time in… forever… I’m excited and motivated. But that doesn’t change the fact that it makes me worry and anxious. What if it takes longer than I’m expecting it to? What if Kyle gets a job and we have to move away before I finish my program and what if I can’t transfer the credits? What if I get promoted at work and my schedule changes in the middle of a semester? How will I attend my classes and go to work at the exact same time?

I know these are very real and potential issues that could come up.

But I’ve decided that the ONLY way for me to do this, is to take it a day at a time.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I guess my point here is that even though I know what I want, and I see everyone around me also going for what they want… it all still feels very scary and real and grown up. So, for anyone out there following their dreams and goals… KEEP CHUGGING! Nothing worth doing is easy.