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Well, after two year and four months of watching Kyle golf and hit balls at the range, I finally bought my own clubs last month so I could start spending some time with him out on the course. For a month, I’ve been hitting buckets and buckets of balls in order to improve my swing and work on my grip and try my best at becoming at least decent. Golf is one of those things that takes a lifetime to work on in order to improve and yet you’re never the best you’ll ever be. It all comes in time. Yesterday, I went on a golf course with Kyle for the first time. We played nine holes, in fifty or higher mile an hour winds. It was rough, but I loved it! I was exhausted by the end of it, but I am extremely proud of some of the shots I made.

Another new thing for this season, is that I have a vegetable garden on my balcony this year! I’ve never attempted having a garden before, because every time I’ve even had just a small pot of flowers, they die at the end of the season and I feel like it was all a waste of time and money. Veggies however…. I can eat! Not a waste. So about a month ago (a week before I bought the golf clubs) my mom donated a very large pot for my garden, and I planted two tomato plants, two zucchini plants, two squash plants and a yellow pepper plant.  Today, about a month later, I have seven very large and happy plants! I spent a portion of today transplanting the tomatoes into their own pots since they’re getting quite strong and large, and moved my yellow pepper to where my tomatoes were before. The large pot is a little bare now, but I’m sure that the plants will be happier.

And, my Umbrella Tree that my mom gave me for my high school graduation, is now over six feet tall. I transplanted him into an extra large pot today too. He’s has a rough couple of years, and is looking quite ratty and damaged, but he is still developing new “sprouts” up top and is still very much alive. (Yes, he is a boy, and his name is Peter. Don’t judge me! ha)

So, that is what this summer has been all about for me so far… and I’m enjoying every moment! 🙂