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Oh. My. Gosh.

I got promoted on June 5th, yay go me!

I hated my job before, and had been counting down the days, literally, since the first day, until my year contract was up and I could run far, far away.  But, even though I hated the position I was in, I had grown to really care for the company I work for and the people who surrounded me within those thick glass walls.

I told my bosses how I felt. This job wasn’t for me but I was definitely interested in continuing my employment at the company, and if any positions became available that I’d be suited for, I was definitely interested in them once my contract was up.  I interviewed for the first job that became available to me and got it the day before my one year. I started the next day.

I love my new job, it’s perfect for me.

But my old job is still haunting me. My boss said I have to finish out the month in my old position. So, for the last three weeks, and for another weekand a half, I’ve been working 13 hours days. 8-5 at my new job and then over to my old job until the office closes at 9.

Exhaustion doesn’t suit me.

For that matter I apologize greatly if I have a gazillion more than usual spelling errors, grammer issues, punctuation problems. Whatever.

I also got 8 inches of my hair cut off!

This weekend, I’m having my neice and nephew over for a visit. They used to stay with me once a year or so, when they were younger, but the last time I had them was 2008 or so I think. They consist of a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl and I have a whole slew of fun ideas for them. They arrive in 26 hours. I’m excited, even though I know this is going to end up hurting my wallet a bit, I’m prepared.

Speaking of my wallet, I paid off all my medical bills today! I’ve been paying them since Novemeber, so that was nice.

And, last but not least, I picked out a new apartment yesterday. Kyle and I are pumped and ready to move across town, about twenty minutes from where we live now, on August 24th.

Thats all the update you get today.