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I’m officially on an 8am-5pm schedule. This is the end of my first week, actually. Thank goodness. Looking back over the last year I almost feel like it never happened. I didn’t do much outside of work simply because the timing was difficult, but the things I did do were perfect and spectacular. The trip to Union Pier with Kyle, his suprise birthday party and the first row Red Wings tickets we used the following day. My birthday party in Indianapolis with two of my close girlfriends. My best friends moving-away party before she left for Tennessee. The recent weekend with my niece and nephew, my two trips to the zoo this year, and all the other amazing weekends. There are many more I can spout off, but I’ll leave it at that.

The weeks were hard but the weekends made up for it. But now I have what I’ve been hoping for all along, a permanent position, that suits me and makes me happy. Work that is enjoyable and makes the day fly by, where I still have my evenings to enjoy and yet enough money to spend on my glorious weekends.

My summer bucket list is still full of things that need to be done, a camping trip to the dunes, the road trip to the Cleveland Zoo with Kyle, a weekend visit to my best friend in Tenessee… just to name a few. My life is just beginning.

I assure you this will be the last post about the fact that I have a different job. I just haven’t been able to let it go yet, just how lucky I am that just over a year ago, I attempted something I knew I’d hate…just for the small chance it would take me somewhere I knew I’d love… and the fact that I did is still shocking me every day.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.