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As the majority of the United States knows, especially the midwest: It’s been a  hot, humid, sticky, uncomfortable, hard to breathe, miserable drought lately. Temperatures in the near hundreds day after day, and not a drop of rain. Til yesterday. It rained for a measly two hours yesterday, got us all excited but then didn’t last. Now today, rain rain rain. Apparently it’ll keep up until later this evening. Hopefully this is true, this is probably the first time I’ve ever said this and deep down meant it, but yea, we need the rain.

Back in May I planted a small vegetable garden on my balcony. I had three squash plants, two zuccini plants, two tomato plants and one yellow pepper plant. Each plant started off strong and great, shooting up tall and growing larger, healthier, and lovely. The yellow pepper was first to grow. It developed one fast grow pepper and once it was about half way to being full size, it just stopped. For a month I watched it at a stand still. The pepper stayed half size and green. The plant didn’t grow any taller or didn’t produce and new leaves. It just stopped, dead in its tracks. I attempted a few revivals, fertilizer and other things I read online. I eventually gave up and gave it’s dirt to my tomatoes that were growing so tall they were falling out of their pots.

Next to go were the squash and zuccini plants. They did well for the first few weeks, and every single morning I woke up to huge flowers, but in all this time between the five plants it only produced one actual vegetable. It grew to about the size of my pinky, and then they all started to die away. I let them go, too.

My tomatoes however… are beautiful.


You can only see one of them here, but I have TWO red, healthy tomatoes, and about 18 others still developing 🙂

Moving on:

I never get online anymore except at work, and while working, when I am online, it’s for quick spurts of time. I am failing miserably at keeping all my stuff updated. Facebook is easy, since it’s on my phone, too. But this blog and emails and other things keep getting pushed behind. I apologize.


My mom buys old, used, beat up furtniture and strips it down, refinishes it and sells it in brand new, perfect condition. She fixes the dents, scrapes and scratches, she changes the finish color to something more modern. She makes really ugly things incredibly beautiful. She does this pretty much just for friends, family and for a hobby even though my dad and I have been telling her for years to make a career out of it. She refuses simply because she wouldn’t know where to sell the finished products since she lives in a small town and can’t afford to rent a space. There are places in other cities where you can sell things, but the closest ones are over an hour away from her.

Anyway, my mom and I have different views of ‘beautiful furniture’. She perfers that her items look rich and classic. I prefer color and more of a moderized vintage. Like this:


(photo taken from vintagecharm.blogspot.com. she makes my kind of gorgeous furniture)

And, like the woman who makes the furniture above, I have a million ideas. I have ideas for patterns and colors and different pieces and… well, I wont bore you, but I am the least creative person in the world except for when it comes to furniture. My mom and I were discussing my ideas yesterday and she has convinced me to attempt it. She can answer any questions I have about what to do with different types of paints and how to fix scratches and all those things, and I have plenty of thoughts on what I’d do already. So, now I’m hooked. My only problem is that I live in an apartment and don’t have a garage or a space to do the actual work…. I’m thinking I may need to borrow a friends yardspace or something. I even know what my first project will be. I’ll show some pictues once I find a way to actually do this… 🙂

Speaking of furniture:

I bought a couch! My first big purchase (besides my car…) ever!


I think it’s the most lovely couch ever, and I paid half a fortune for it, but I’m thrilled with it and can’t wait for it to finally be delivered! Knowing I was moving just over a month after purchasing, I put it in layaway and it wont be delivered until the day we get the keys to the new apartment… on August 24th. So, Kyle and I are patiently waiting before we can plant our butts on it.

It’s harringbone, and suuuuuper soft:


That’s all for now. I have more to say but it must wait.