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I have started writing this entry about a dozen times lately. The first draft I have in my drafts section on this topic is from two months ago. I’m not sure if I just can’t find the right words or if I can’t keep focused on it, but here I am trying again. We’ll see how it goes this time.
The first entry I have from two months ago was me complaining about the way of the United States these days and the complete lack of respect people have for other people. I don’t mean to be rude, but people are straight up assholes these days.

Over the course of the last two months I’ve heard more bad stories than I feel like I ever have in a short period of time like this. Granted, these are from my own daily life, and don’t compare to much worse stories other people have in their lives, but this isn’t a pity party, this is me in regards to respect, and how there just isn’t any left.

1. Two months ago my mom was driving to the store. She was heading down the road with her window down, just enjoying the day. She flicked her left turn signal on to change lanes, but noticed there was a truck coming up fast in the left lane, so she waited for him to pass her and she was going to scoot in behind him, since he was going faster than her and she didn’t want to cut him off. Well, he came up, passed her, and as she was pulling into the left lane behind him, he slammed on his breaks, hard, and caused her to fly over back into the right lane. As she passed him on the right she saw the the three men in the truck were laughing and pointing at her, and his quick stop on the road had been a dangerous joke towards my mom, to scare her. So, she got angry and flipped them off.  This angered the guys and in return to her finger, they threw a full pop into her car through her open window, causing her to swerve and hit the curb on the road. My mom was angry now, but not stupid and knew she was obviously dealing with idiots here, who were willing to risk all their lives for a prank or due to their own anger issues. So, she sped off and tried to lose them. These men however, they weren’t having it. As they pulled up closer to her she closed her windows all up, knowing that they’d probably try to do something like that again, and sure enough they did. To be honest I can’t recall the exact details of what happened next, but I do believe they continued to throw more things at her until she began going into parking lots and through side streets in order to lose them. She eventually got away, but called me and was scared out of her mind.  Granted, my mom probably should have ignored those losers and went on her way without flipping them off, but then again they shouldn’t have pranked her while driving either. Such rude people in the world.

2. Next up, a few days after that, my sister in law posts on facebook that her and my brothers truck had been stolen.  I don’t think I need to get into this any further. Criminals…. sigh. Due to this theft they now have to deal with a brand new financial expense for another vehicle to replace that one, to cover what the insurance money did not. That truck could have last them for many more years without a new payment, and in today’s society the fewer payments people have the better. These criminals made a few dollars and cost my family much more. Awful people.

3. This is kind of different but still means enough to me to mention…. my mom looked at some puppies in her town that a local breeder had available to buy. These puppies were obviously full of disease and hadn’t been taken care of properly. They weren’t healthy and yet the owners were continuously breeding and selling their puppies to families who didn’t know better.  😦 this is extremely sad. My mom said she contacted some animal officials to see if they could put a stop to the breeding, but legally they weren’t doing anything wrong and you can’t force someone to get their pet fixed. So, it’ll continue. Knowingly selling unhealthy puppies, that could be in pain, and will probably die soon, to excited families. They’re causing pain to both the puppy and the family who is going to wholeheartedly love this dying dog.

There are more stories like these, just little things that I hear about on a day to day basis, things that just keep making me shake my head and be sad for the United States. This country has become a place where people think they don’t have to work hard for their money, and are perfectly willing to hurt others for a quick buck or thrill. There is no respect anymore. I’m happy that I have great people in my life who feel the same as me and constantly go out of their way to make sure other people, even strangers, have a good day or a quick smile. A compliment goes a long way, a smile can brighten any moment. Have respect for the people around you!!!!

Now, I can’t end this without mentioning the tragedy that took place in Colorado on Friday morning at The Dark Knight Rises showing. Like I said before, there are far worse things going on than my little stories up there, and I know this. This case here is obviously extreme;  Everyone has their opinion on how this case should end, and I won’t get into all that today, but those families affected in the shooting have been in my thoughts since Friday morning when I woke up. Again, I’m at a loss of words again. I’m not sure how to conclude this. I’m sure I’ll write again about the Colorado shooting because it’s something that my brain is full of right now, along with I’m sure, most of the United States. So, I guess I’ll just leave it at this for now.

People, please. Show some respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Start caring. Whether it’s a tiny gesture or a huge situation, just be kind. Smile. Hug. Help.

(I do seriously want to apologize for how poorly this is probably written. I can NEVER properly say what I’m trying to say when the topic is negative or unhappy in any way).