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So, Kyle and I are moving, which isn’t new news by any means, but here you go anyway.

I’m not one to get stressed out, but this move… ugh. It’s driving me crazy. I’m not even one to let moving stress me out, but… this time around my feelings have been all over the map.

At first, when Kyle and I discussed moving, I was sad but understanding. I knew it made more sense for us to move closer to his internship and agreed with all the reasoning behind the move, but I was sad to leave our current apartment. We’d lived at the complex for two years, in just short of half way though those two years we upgraded to a much nicer apartment on the third floor, that included a fireplace, a balcony, a walk in pantry and a much slightly larger floorplan. We loved this apartment, and I was sad to leave it.

However, the new apartment we found to live in was really nice, too. It was slightly smaller, but overall nicer, and has a washer and dryer in the unit which is something Kyle and I had been desperately missing.

So, I started the process. I met with a leasing agent at the new apartment, I saw the model, I filled out the necessary paperwork.  I put our notice in at our current apartment, all was going well until I got a call from our current landlord asking me to come in so we could discuss the situation.  I walk in, and after a long discussion of where and why we’re moving, he says to me… no, actually, he more or less begged me…. to stay. He offered us $100 off our monthly rent even. I told him that was a very nice offer but unfortunately we’re moving due to location and not really for the price of the apartment. He responded by arguing with me about how all the other tenants that are moving out at the same time as we are are moving out of state, and I on the other hand am only moving 20 minutes away, and that I should save myself the hassle of moving and just make Kyle commute to his internship. I told him no. We are moving, final answer. So he continues on, saying fine, if we want to move then he’d appreciate it if we could move out early, and that he was willing to cut a month off our lease if we could leave in July instead of August, in order to make it easier to sell the apartment to students coming back to school in the fall. I told him I’d think about it.

So I discussed it with Kyle and decided it was better for us to stay though the end of August as originally planned. I informed our landlord, and he proceeded to call me three more times through the week to ask if I was sure, because this decision was making his life harder. Sorry, a lease is a lease and we have been planning to move in August and that’s when we’re moving to the new apartment.

Move forward about a month.  My new landlady had been telling me for a solid month I could move into a specific apartment on the last weekend of August, then, out of nowhere she informs me that apartment is no longer available and we are now going to be put in a more expensive apartment and we must move in the middle of August instead of the end. I argued and demanded we get what we were originally offered, or at least for the same price since we can’t have the apartment, and when that didn’t work at least if they could hold that apartment just a little longer so we can still move in at the end of the month… but no.  I lost every battle and we’re now moving in early to a more expensive apartment.  It is still cheaper than we were live now, overall with bills and such too, but it’s still a bit more than I was hoping for. (Current apartment rent, electricity, cable and internet = $843. New apartment rent, electricity, cable and internet =$760). Okay, so it’s not a huge change, but every penny counts and Kyle will be driving five minutes to work instead of 25. He’ll save there, too.

Now, back in time a month, again. Now, this might be my crazy brain talking but every since I put in our notice that we were officially, 100% for sure moving out, our apartment has gone to shit. It’s been taking an eternity to get hot water, in the shower and in the kitchen sink. Hadn’t had that problem in the two years we lived there, and yet now, nothing. Our air conditioner (which is just a wall unit that only cools the living room and no other part of the house) hasn’t been keeping it cool. Granted, its HOT AS HELL outside, but again, wasn’t a problem the last few very hot weeks before, but now it is.  Our new apartment has central air, thank goodness. Our stupid door sticks (granted this has always been a problem when it gets hot) and it’s at its worst right now, making it difficult to just get in and out. Ugh ugh ugh. Each day I’m a little closer to getting out of this apartment (that I have loved for two years but now hate) the better.

It genuinely does make me sad though. I’m still a little nervous about moving to a new area into a new apartment, but I’m keeping my thoughts positive and am looking forward to the change. I am very, very excited for the larger kitchen and the washer and dryer, and the storage unit off my balcony.

I’m ready. I’m just ready. and I hate that it’s 23 days away, now that I’m good to go.