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Life is hard, complicated, and messy.

Plans never work out as planned.

Sometimes you just can’t get back on the horse after you’ve been kicked off, sometimes it’s not worth trying, and sometimes you really, just, can’t.

Your mind is never straight in the middle of the night. That doesn’t mean, however,  you can’t have some of your best conversations then.

Embrace everything that you have, never take it for granted, never forget how you became lucky enough to have it.
When I was younger I desperately wished I had a sister.  I’m 24 now, I still wish it.  Although, I’m the type of person who strongly desires close, personal bonds with other people. I have that with my parents, my boyfriend, my best friend… a sister is just another I could add to the list. My brothers however, are quiet and far away and generally uninterested in me. It’s the age difference. I’m not offended. They have their own lives and families to work with.
Money, and financial matters suck, whether you have money or not. The best way to teach your children about money is to not have any. I work hard and stress myself out in order to have money in savings. Dipping in, for reasons good or bad, important or not, mentally hurts me and makes me feel like I’m screwing up. I know that’s not always the case, and usually the money honestly must be pulled for expenses that life throws at you, and in the end it’s usually worth it and easily replaced. But knowing my parents live paycheck to paycheck… is what keeps my own savings account in a place that makes me feel safe.

I would do anything for the people I love. For me to honestly say I love someone, means that I know many aspects of who they are, and I know I can not only trust and depend on them, but I know they’ll never take advantage of me. You can’t truly love someone unless they love you back. It’s a mutual contract of care and agreement.

I am a good person. I am in love. I care for my friends and family. I support those around me. I get excited for change and the future. I keep a smile on my face.  I really do want to [feel like I’m] help[ing]. [sometimes I’m just in the way. Please humor me]. I’m also, obviously, full of myself. 😉

My brain is scattered today. Sometimes I get scared of what life throws my way. But I don’t back down. I witness what other people go through and I know that I am damn lucky.  I will remember that, too.

Don’t back down. Follow your dreams. Fight for what you want.

I apologize for being such a weirdo. I’m quirky and strange and I find that sometimes I have no idea what is going on in my own head until I write it down. Unfortunately for all of you, you choose to read it. 🙂