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I’m sorry if it is SOOOO un-American, or un-World-Citizen of me to not be interested in the Olympics. I’m not a huge TV watcher as it is, except the constant marathons of reruns that I watch for background noise and random laughs. But, even then that is when I have control of the TV and in most cases I just let Kyle have the clicker and the programs watched are up to him, I’m just not a television enthusiast. It’s rare for me to follow a current show or even know when or what channel shows are on. I never know what my friends or coworkers are talking about in the morning when they discuss last nights show. I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor, Dexter, CSI, or whatever else is popular.

[Okay, I watch Breaking Bad. Kyle loves and it and I’ve seen all the episodes so I AM a viewer of that one show].

So, when the Olympics were all over the TV (and websites and blogs and news), no, I wasn’t following. Sometimes Kyle watched and I witnessed it in the background while I was cleaning or eating or reading. I just… don’t care. I’m sorry. I do think it’s neat that the entire world gets together to participate, but I’m just not interested. That’s great for the athletes that get to participate and the countries that partake and the winners who take home medals, all very great, good for them.  But, when I get home from work, I’d rather talk to my loved ones about their day, or curl up with a book, or a movie. I don’t like the TV. That’s all.

I did read a few articles about the Olympics on blogs and news pages and what not, but just a few. Here and there. But, when you don’t see it happen on tv, it’s even harder to be interested in reading many articles about it.