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Does anyone else do this?

When I look back at my life and really think about it, I feel like I can see exactly how I came to be where I am today. It’s as clear as day. Obviously, there are smaller details and work that I put in, but the actual path I took is mapped out and easy to follow.

I can create a path that starts my sophomore year in high school that leads all the way up to right now. But,  won’t bore you. I’ll start off more recently just to provide an example.

I moved to East Lansing to be with Kyle and found a job on craigslist at a financial advising office. The landlord of the building I worked in recommended his family dentist to me when I asked he knew of a close by place to check out a problem tooth I had. I went to the dentist the day after getting laid off from that job and she ended up hiring me temporarily. When my temporary arrangement was coming to an end, a coworker told me her boyfriend’s office was hiring and that I should look into it. I did, and got hired at the job I’m at now.

If I hadn’t had that job at the financial advising office I might not have ever ended up at my current job. I have even more little pathways that lead me to East Lansing, to Kyle, to Flint. Everything. I have a direct path.

Does anyone else do this? Can you look back and see that nothing was entirely “by chance” but more about places you were or people you met?

Or… am I just nutty? ha.